Have you always wanted to make your own jewelry with gemstones of your own choice and liking?

Would you like to gather a group of friends and loved ones together for an inspiring workshop with gemstones and good vibes? Now you’ll have a chance to let your intuition guide you towards an empowering and unique jewelry that will always have special meaning because YOU made it ♡

WOWO vibes organizes gemstone and jewelry workshops such as:
• bachelorette parties
• birthday parties
• baby showers
• kick-offs

In WOWO’s workshop the group makes a unique pendant or bracelet for everyone.

Price per person:
• pendant starting from 30 €
• bracelet starting from 40 €
• minimum spend per group 220 €

Price varies depending on the size of the group and location, please do not hesitate to contact us and let’s find a perfect solution designed for your group <3

Bookings and more info: Instagram DM or

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