Here we have gathered information what we are trying to achieve in the background of our company, where our products come from and what we are doing to ensure we can provide the best products for you. We absolutely recognize that we are not perfect and we have only taken the first steps on our journey – lots of steps will be taken towards our ultimate goal which is to have as pure materials as possible straight from factories and mines under our control.


• To be ethical, transparent and sustainable with choices we make meanwhile creating empowering, personal and stunning jewelry for customers.
• To have high standards when it comes to quality in everything we do; craftwork, customer service, jewelry&packing materials etc.
• To do our business based on equality in every way – every person is as equal no matter what.
• To support as much Finnish and local suppliers as possible.


All our jewelry are handmade in Espoo, Finland. At WOWO we do our best to make sure that the products we use come from trusted suppliers. All items comply with hallmarking laws where applicable and comply with EU nickel regulations and standards.

Here you can find a specified list of our jewelry making supplies:
• We use both recycled and brand new 925 silver and gold plated 925 silver in our earrings and headpins. They come from a trusted Scandinavian supplier – we find it extremely important to support Scandinavian business and knowledge.
• Gemstones and necklaces come from Finnish importers who have a long experience both in the gemstone and jewelry supplies industry. In addition, they have long-standing relationships with their trusted suppliers.


• Does the business abide by all local laws (licensing, pollution control, working conditions etc).
• Does the company use recycled metals and can they provide any provenance for these metals.
If a point or a concern is raised by a customer, we will always try to get additional information from our supplier.


At WOWO we are conscious of the reducing waste. We reuse every possible leftover pieces and recycle everything when our jewelry are in the making.

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