Don’t we all love the feeling of having that flowing perfect balance in life? PERFECT BALANCE collection gently guides you to feel balanced and connected with your inner self.

Moonstone is said to help you to strengthen your soft and gentle energy and at the same time sunstone is said to radiate and endorse your optimistic energy, determination, willpower and self-confidence. Together they help you to feel balanced and secure in your everyday life <3

This product will take approx. one week to be ready for the delivery.

Please notice that all pieces are handmade and unique so the products in the pictures will not be identical to your own product. If you have any special wishes for your piece (i.e. size/shape of the gemstone), leave us a note at checkout. We will try to find a gemstone close to your wishes.



  • length approx. 18 cm, 19 cm or 20 cm

All deliveries include:

  • jewelry
  • a little note about the gemstones (in Finnish)
  • jewelry bag



  • bracelet: nylon coated metal wire
  • lock: gold plated 925 silver
  • gemstones

Sustainability is one of the key values for us. Read more about our sustainability policy here.

Care instructions

Care instructions

Do not shower, work out, swim or sleep with the jewelry on. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals. Put the jewelry last on and first off.

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