DEAR ME necklace

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New in: this product is also available with waterproof 925 silver or gold plated 925 silver necklace <3

Dear me, remember that you are wonderful. May this necklace remind you to have courage to be just the person you want to be <3

Take a closer look and see what is your lucky stone in WOWO’s Zodiac Edition or choose your favourite color!

When it comes to zodiac stones in general, all zodiac signs do have multiple lucky stones which are named for themselves. However, in WOWO’s Zodiac Edition there is selected just one lucky stone for each.



  • sterling steel or gold plated sterling steel necklace length 51 cm or 41 cm, width 1,5 mm
  • 925 silver or gold plated 925 silver necklace length 45 cm + 5 cm ext., width 1,3 mm
  • gemstone approx. 6 mm

If you wish to order a customized product, check information here.

All deliveries include:

  • jewelry
  • a little note about the gemstone you have chosen (in Finnish)
  • jewelry bag


Please notice that all pieces are handmade and unique so the products in the pictures will not be identical to your own product. If you have any special wishes for your piece (i.e. size/shape of the gemstone), leave us a note at checkout. We will try to find a gemstone close to your wishes.

Zodiac sign gemstones

Zodiac sign gemstones

Capricorn: garnet
Garnet is a stone that is said to bind its wearer to their own feelings and relationships. Garnet is also said to bring strong energy to implement your new ideas and visions.

Aquarius: amethyst
Amethyst is said to relieve stress and bring calmness into your day. It also encourages you to trust your inner voice and encourages you to think about what makes you happy in your life.

Pisces: peridot
Peridot is said to give you strength and balance. It is also believed to bring peace and rest to your mind and body. It is also said to boost creativity and improve your mood.

Aries: carneol
Carneol is said to be a gemstone of determination and self-confidence. It is believed to increase your vitality, courage and passion.

Taurus: jade
Jade is said to be a stone of wisdom and compassion. The beautiful bright color of this stone helps to keep thoughts clear and focus on positive energies surrounding us.

Gemini: tiger’s eye
Tiger’s eye is said to help you to have courage to get through any difficult situation in your life. Tiger’s eye is said to bring protection against negative energy and to strengthen your self-worth.

Cancer: moonstone
Moonstone helps you to strengthen your soft and gentle energy. It reminds you to take care of yourself, get enough rest and look at your innermost self from time to time. Moonstone also encourages you to try new paths.

Leo: sunstone
Sunstone is said to radiate optimistic energy, determination, willpower and a sense of self-worth. Sunstone is said to endorse your self-confidence and to help you to shine in every occasion in your life.

Virgo: amazonite
Amazonite is called the stone of courage and truth. It strengthens communication with oneself and with others. Amazonite is also known as a stone that fuels creativity, which increases clarity of thought, balance and peace.

Libra: smoky quartz
Smoky quartz is said to ground and calm you. It helps you to clear your mind and thus also to concentrate better. Smoky quartz helps you to keep negative energy away.

Scorpio: citrine
Citrine is a refreshing stone that promotes creativity. It is said to fuel imagination and positive attitude. In addition, citrine is said to increase willpower and endurance and thus also helps you to succeed.

Sagittarius: turquoise
Turquoise is said to have a calming, grounding effect when you are feeling overwhelmed. It is said to help you to strengthen your connection to intuition.



  • necklace: golden sterling steel, sterling steel, waterproof gold plated 925 silver or 925 silver
  • pendant: gold plated 925 silver or 925 silver
  • gemstone

Sustainability is one of the key values for us. Read more about our sustainability policy here.

Care instructions

Care instructions

Do not shower, work out, swim or sleep with the jewelry on. Avoid contact with cosmetics, perfume and other chemicals. Put the jewelry last on and first off.

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