About gemstones

Gemstones and crystals are not only shiny and beautiful but they can also help us to reflect ourselves and our energies.

Every day is different and so is our vibe. Sometimes our minds and bodies are craving for calmness and warmth and some days we want to focus on our thoughts to feel powerful and have some extra courage.

With the help of gemstones you can take a closer look into your mind and soul. However, if you feel like gemstone energies are not quite for you, you can always just enjoy their beauty.

Here you can find short descriptions of the gemstones used in our jewelry:

Agate is said to bring courting energy to its owner.

Amazonite is said to bring courage and hope into your day. Amazonite encourages to believe in your dreams.

Amethyst is said to relieve stress and bring calmness into your day.

Aventurine is said to promote empathy and compassion. It is also called as the stone of opportunity.

Citrine is a refreshing stone that promotes creativity. It is said to fuel imagination and positive attitude. In addition, citrine is said to increase willpower and endurance and thus also helps you to succeed.

Peridot is said to give you strength and balance. It is also believed to bring peace and rest to your mind and body. It is also said to boost creativity and improve your mood.

Rock crystal
Rock crystal is said to clear your thoughts and to promote you to think more positively through life.

Rose quartz
Rose quartz is said to be a stone of unconditional love. It also encourages to embrace harmony and trust in relationships.

Please keep in mind that the gemstones are based on beliefs and not on science. These gemstones are said to have multiple meanings and here we have used WOWO’s own interpretation and intuition when describing the gemstones.

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