WOWO vibes – handmade gemstone jewelry from Finland

WOWO vibes was established out of love for gemstones and appreciation for people who are going through all kinds of changes in their lives.

Our mission is that everyone could feel empowered by wearing WOWO’s jewelry. We hope that our products can play a role as the anchor of people’s style or even as an indicator of a new direction. WOWO vibes is a tribute to the humanity and strength that we all have – despite and precisely because of everything we go through!

WOWO vibes is owned and run by women.

WOWO’s inspiration

WOWO vibes gemstone jewelry is inspired by the wonderful women in our lives who are incredibly fabulous in every way!

During the past few years, we have realized that women (of course all people but we do have experience especially from the women’s point of view) go through many changes in their lives. Besides, these changes have a comprehensive effect on how we feel about ourselves and who we are in general. Therefore, we wanted to create something that allows people to maintain or even strenghten the connection with themselves throughout their life.

WOWO’s story

“I have always been extremely facinated by people, their experiences and changes they face during their lives. I think every change is a new opportunity to find and learn something interesting in ourselves. No matter what kind of change it is, the outcome may be unexpected.

For me, one of the biggest changes happened when I had my children and therefore needed to take a closer look into myself. Style has always been an important way for me to express myself, but in a new lifestyle, status, body and mind, it wasn’t always unambiguous. In this case, the importance of jewelry as itself but also as a backbone of my style, was emphasized.

In addition, I made my first gemstone jewelry when I tried to find both meaningful and delicate gemstone necklace for myself. At that time, I was pregnant and wanted to have something beautiful and empowering to remind me of that particular life change I was going through. I couldn’t seem to find a suitable one, so I decided to make it by myself.

I have always been fascinated by gemstones and handcrafts. In my opinion, the beauty lies definitely in their uniqueness – no two are the same, each is its own, just like people are. Gemstones are beautiful as elements, and besides, it’s fun to play with the energies of them and see what kind effect they can have on our thoughts.

I have drawn inspiration for my jewelry from my former neighborhood in beloved Punavuori, Helsinki. The people and the atmosphere of the area has always fed my creativity in an extraordinary way.

When it comes to establishing WOWO vibes, the most significant supporters have been my two sisters Annika and Eerika, who have been involved in creating the concept from the very beginning with me.

I hope my jewelry will give good vibes for all who wear them<3

Let’s praise the change in us; WOWO vibes’ story is ready to begin!”

-Riikka, Founder

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